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All information located on this site is provided solely for Missouri Department of Mental Health employees and Contract Providers of the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health.

To contact the department for password resets and other technical issues, please call the Customer Support Center at 573-526-5888 or toll free at 888-601-4779, available 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective February 18, 2014, DMH user IDs that have not been used for 90 or more days will be deleted. Please sign on a minimum of every 90 days in order to keep your user ID from being deleted.



The Customer Support Center is now available 24/7 for password reset service The after hours telephone service number is now 888-601-4779 or 573-751-5888 (Jefferson City Area number only). Thank you.

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Common Questions

How do I log in?

  Secure areas of this site require a valid userid and password.
  If you do not currently have a userid, you must complete an Access Request Form.
  Once prompted, enter your assigned userid and password similar to the example below.
  You must prefix your userid with the appropriate domain (i.e. DMH\ or EXTLCL\).
Example logon screen

Your password will change. Do not check Remember my password.

How do I change my password?

  Visit the Profile section of this site and follow the instructions for changing your password.
  Make sure your new password meets the current password requirements.
  You must have a valid profile prior to changing your password.

Why should I certify my computer?

  Certifying your computer will assure that it will be able to access our systems properly.
  You must certify your computer before contacting the department for support.
  Certifying your computer gives our help desk information which speeds up troubleshooting.

How do I certify a computer?

  Visit the Desktop Certification section of this site and follow the instructions for certifying a computer.
  The certification occurs over the network, and electronically verifies the minimum requirements.

How do I contact the department for technical support?

  Visit the Help section of this site, choose a contact method, and then follow the instructions.
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